IT for staff training
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We focus on the user experience of your employees so that corporate training becomes attractive and effective
Why Edstein?
Modern design and easy navigation for an employee, a manager and, of course, HR
Mobile app
The right modern channel for training. We provide it for all platforms with branding.
Competitions, ratings, insignia, personal dashboards - we use everything so that employees are happy to return to the training portal
API и интеграция
Our solutions are well compatible with HR-system, mail, AD or even a sales accounting system
You need to apply a corporate or a new unique design, special pages, forms, functionality? We will do it quickly and nice.
We carry out load testing of our solutions, ensure stable operation on large numbers
Knowledge of real HR processes, the ability to visualize, optimize and digitize them
How Edstein can help you
in HR digital transformation

We will prepare the process diagram convenient for analysis in BPMN notation and the design prototype of the HR system
Используем гибкие методики разработки и ведения проектов, чтобы обеспечить HR действительно полезный и удобный IT-продукт
First and second line of support with a quick response and a controlled budget
Edstein one step ahead will help you to choose the right development of the IT landscape of HR for a current task
We are trusted by organizations to train their employee
We will help to create the training content
We will create training courses on a relevant topic,
best practices or on internal products and processes
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